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The Redgrave Publishing Team

Chris and Cheri Redgrave

Chris Redgrave is an Industrial Engineer, Executive Manager and Consultant by trade, but he also has a secret (sort of) identity as a Musician.

Actually, back in his high school days, he was pretty decent with a trumpet, so that at graduation, it was a choice between Music School or Engineering School. As you can guess, the quest for money beat the quest for art and so he left his music days behind… or so he thought…..

To see what this One-hit-Wonder came up with see Perseverance, a Modern Medieval March.

Cheri Redgrave is the Real musician in the house. With two music degrees and 40+ years of playing experience, she is a highly talented orchestral percussionist. She trained under both famed tympanist Mitch Peters and legendary studio drummer Ken Watson. She played in the grand tympani line during opening ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics in LA. She played for Pope John Paul II in 1987. She has worked with musicians ranging from Mason Williams to Maynard Ferguson, (which was quite the draw for Chris when they met.)

Besides being a seasoned performer, she has been a director of over a dozen community theater musicals from “Lil’ Abner” to “The Music Man“. She has directed pit orchestras for several other shows.

Today she teaches, arranges and writes percussion music. To learn more, her main website is our companion site www.MovementForPercussion.com

Finally as the widow of famed jazz trombonist, Dick Shearer, she has created a tribute page for him and in the future hopes to be able to share more of his legacy with his fans and the jazz community.